Eco Friendly Living Home Design

I watched this great show on “Stvdio” channel on Foxtel last night called Brilliant Green.  It was about Green design and how Artists, Car companies, Clothing companies and other designers where paving the way for our future.

Did you know that Subaru in Indiana (USA) became the first automotive assembly plant to be “Zero-Landfill” and have remained that way since.  An amazing achievement.  Just think that if you threw some rubbish out with your breakfast this morning that in this one single event you contributed more to landfill that Subaru in Indiana did in the last 6 years!

As a lover of design, architecture and interiors “Living Homes” caught my eye.  They create homes which feature warm modern functional design at a great price and are part of the modern Pre-Fab Movement.  Apart from the gorgeous design elements of the home I love that the home is able to grow and change with you and your family. Moveable millwork walls and expansion points, facilitate the flexible use of space and allow you to put a floor and 2 walls into an empty space to create a new room.

Now I wonder if they will pack up a home and send it to Australia!!

Justine xx


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  1. That is awesome!!! Hopefully this will convince Larina that we NEED a Eames Lounge.. I love the ceiling with the wood panelling… so many ideas, so little money….

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