Up-cycled Home Office Design

Spending most of my time in front of the computer, designing, promoting, doing administrative work and any of what seems like a zillion other things that I have to do for my new business; how I want my home office is never far from my mind.

I am very thankful that I have a “spare” room to house stock, have an inspiration board, an area for wrapping product before they go to their lovely new home and for planning the next step.  But most of time I find myself at the computer at the dining room table!  Because when I work I don’t like being cooped up behind closed doors at one end of the house, but mostly because after many years working in Interior Design its just not exactly how I would like it to be! I would like more room for files and books, a proper storage area for stock so its easily accessible; maybe a custom painted desk top (from my amazing hubby when he has time). Mmm what else?

I have dreams of a walking a path thru a lovely garden to an up-cycled storage container that has been converted into a office and studio.  Enough space for a large desk, lounge area and a large table for creating.

Apologies for the missing links on the first 2 images – these were from my image files and unfortunately I didn’t note the links – please let me know if you have any information and I will update the post.

Justine xx


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  1. I must admit, i HAVE always wanted to deck out a shipping container. One of my friends had done so on her dads property in high school, but it didn’t have huge windows like that xD But awesome, awesome inspiration!

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