Operation Nice

Each day you turn on your TV or your Radio, or you look at a news website on the internet you come face to face with just how cruel and disturbing humans can be.  So it brings a big smile to my face when I come across an article or post that is seemingly insignificant in the “World” scheme of things but extremely significant to just a few.  You know the stories: the ones used a filler at the end of the news hour!

There is this lovely lady called Melissa who believes that kindness can change the world.  And is making the world smile one person at a time!

Just over 2 years ago on July 15 2008 Melissa had a brief conversation at a elevator that got her thinking and “Operation Nice”was born.  Operation NICE encourages individuals to be proactively NICE.  Something that we can forget the importance of in our busy lives.  How a small gesture can bring a smile to someone else’s face.

Melissa encourages her readers to do Nice things for others and has a fabulous campaign where you can leave a “Nice Note” for someone to brighten their day. You don’t have to know them!

So have you done something Nice today?

Just xx


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