Iconic: Frank Lloyd Wright

I have always had a love for the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.  From the sweeping cantilevered floors perched on top of cascading water at the iconic “Falling Water” to the organic curves of The Guggenheim Museum in New York

I recently watched a documentary on his life and was surprised to learn that during his life, along with his architectural success he experienced scandal ( he ran off with a neighbor and clients wife whilst he was married), tragic loss when his partner and her children and workers at his beloved home, Taliesin were murdered by his servant (this was 1914).  Along with three marriages, a successful architectural college and a legacy to the modern architectural movement.

Lloyd Wright created original and innovative buildings in Prairie style with horizontal lines, broad flat roofs with overhanging eaves. Horizontal window bands that echoed the surrounding landscape.  Solid construction and craftsmanship.

Thankfully there is the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust who have embarked on a mission to restore some of Wrights buildings.  Their volunteers provide interpretive tours of both museum sites to more than 100,000 visitors from around the world each year. The also have public education programs, and operate a public access research center containing special collections on the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School of architecture.

You can book exclusive curator presentations, behind-the-scenes tours, special private showings thru Wright Way Travel.

Just xx