Handmade Present Pledge for 2010

Today while I was putting together my Handmade Design Finds Post from some loverly artists over at Etsy, I found some gorgeous pieces that I thought would be a great Christmas presentsfor my hubby (but it’s a secret and I still have to let Santa know)  I recently surprised him with a Shirt from Ahpeele from Etsy (which he loved) and have found some gorgeous birthday presents through-out the year.

So I have decided to make a “Handmade Present Pledge for Christmas 2010” and purchase from other handmade creatives out there, and support others like you have supported me.

So please join with me over the next 4 months and take the “Handmade Present Pledge for 2010” and spoil your loved ones with some original, handmade, creative, innovative and wonderful gifts and show them how much you care.  Plus you will be helping Artists and Designers with their small business.

Feel free to share the link for this post and join me on my pledge.

So please visit the online Marketplaces above (just a few to get you started) and start shopping!

Just xx