Some bedside reading

Well I usually have a few books on the go at any given time.  And this moment is no exception – with about 3 books currently at some stage of read to a book that just arrived in the post this morning and another I have just ordered!

All on various topics but all immensely enjoyable.  From a silver-haired charismatic traveling chef (or a cook in a previous life depending if you’re in the industry of not), a velvety voiced, heart wrenching songstress of Scottish origin and a libertarian show-tune loving singer.  Along with 2 highly recommended and inspiring reads on transforming your life!

I will write brief reviews at a later date (once I’ve read them!) but you will find a link to my Amazon store when you click on the image below (affiliate links) or find any of the titles at your favourite book store.

Anthony Bourdain’s “Medium Raw” is addictive – just like his TV shows.  He has such a beautifully descriptive way of writing that draws you into the scene.  You can almost smell the food and Anthony paints such a vivid picture that you almost feel his anger.  He writes like he is and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Annie and Rufus’s book start from the beginning. School days, family.  A beautiful, sometimes heart wrenching look at their highs and lows. Covering addiction, depression, the heights of stardom, family struggles these are fascinating insights into two extraordinary singers.

The others come highly recommended and I hope they give me insights into expanding and sustaining my creativity and allowing me to make progress in my business.  But I will wait until I have learnt and loved the previous three.


Just xx


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  1. I am reading The Art of Non-Conformity right now. And, I’ve ordered The Art of Possibility and await it’s arrival (for the Creative Empire book club).

    Happy reading!

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