Some Handmade Design Finds – Etsy

I have had a bit of a love affair with the colour Orange of late – hence the new colour in my Regency Skull Kitchen Towel range.  It is bright and cheerful without being to blinding; and has an amazing relationship with most colours, like Teal, Red and Chocolate. And don’t forget how spectacular it looks with Charcoal.

So today I offer you some Etsy finds in Orange – Enjoy!

Click on the image to find your way.

1.  Briana Edelman Designs 2.   QaraQul 3.  New Leaf Works 4.  Crafterall

5.  Elinart

Just xx

2 responses to “Some Handmade Design Finds – Etsy

  1. I love orange and grey, and how it can morph so well into so many different decorating schemes. Thank you very much for including my papercut topography in your delicious round up.

  2. One of my two favorite colors is orange, the other one green! I find it warm, loving and sweet! So I can say that I love this small compilation of items here and also I would like to thank you for including my scarf in it!

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