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This time of year is always busy with gift giving for hubby and I and not just with Christmas.  It started last week with our wedding anniversary and between now and New Year we both have our birthdays along with 5 other birthdays to think about.  So I am trying to be organised and also spread the spend out so it doesn’t hit us all at once.

So I have downloaded a Gift list App for my phone so I can keep track of ideas and also a budget. And I have started to buy presents already.  As you might now I made a Handmade Present Pledge last month so my goal this year is to spread the Handmade love so all my friends and loved ones will be getting beautiful and unique gifts this year from Etsy, Made It, Blue Caravan and the like.

I have found some gorgeous pieces already that I will be popping under the tree this year but I wont be sharing those with you today. Hey I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But hubby mentioned that he needs some help in the pressie department this year so my selection today is all about the finds that I am lusting after!

So enjoy and fingers crossed that one or two of these find their way to me.

Click on the image to find your way.

1.  Paulina Carach 2.   Coralie Beatrix 3.   Kali Butterfly 4.   Kim Westad 5.   Milkwood Design

Just xx

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