Some Handmade Design Love

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a deep love for animals and believe that the world is a better place with our furry (or scaly or prickly) friends; that if you don’t like animals then your probably not worth knowing.

We have a gorgeous (and spoilt) 9 year old furbaby called Jaz; who is extremely cute and cuddly and definitely knows it too.  We also had the most glorious 14 years with her dad too.  But sadly he passed almost a year ago but is forever in our hearts and this makes Jaz even more precious.

So today is all about our wonderful 4 legged friends.  So here are some lovely Friday finds from over at Made It. just for them!

Click on the image to find your way.


Just xx

1.  Rocstar Dog Boutique 2.  Gourmet Dog Biscuits 3.  Lovebird Collars and Leads 4.  Zinnia Pea 5.  Steks Pets

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  1. Hi,
    What a great blog you have, and some cute pet ideas (very handy for Xmas presents), Thanks too for adding us too your blog, our Doggy Christmas Stockings have been selling like hotcakes!!!
    Thanks again

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