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Now I know what you are saying – What!! It’s too early to be thinking Christmas; and yes you are probably true.  But I bet you lead a busy life, your weekends are heavily booked (and it’s only November), you work ridiculous hours and that house doesn’t clean itself (why hasn’t someone invented that!)  So before you know it it will be the week before Christmas, you still need to get the house ready for all your visitors and plan a festive / could feed a third world nation lunch.  Attend more drinks get togethers than you have attended in the previous 11 months.  Plus you HAVE to find that perfect gift! Or two or three or 20!

So here are some festive handmade finds to get you in the mood! But don’t forget to take a look at my previous Handmade Design Finds and the ones I will post in the upcoming weeks. Because how much simpler could present shopping get than sitting in your comfy clothes, drink in hand, at any time of the day and selecting that must have gift.  No crowds, no cranky kids (or partners), your feet wont hurt and you don’t have to do what seems like a million trips around the car park to find a space.

Click on the image to find your way.

Just xx

1.  Paper Eclectiques Deux 2. Kain Kain 3.  Lovely Nest Decor 4. Signoraluna 5.  Maidavale


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