The right fit!

Well its been a little bit quiet over here the past few weeks.  I have been standing at the proverbial fork in the road trying to decide on what direction to go in.  What’s right and what’s next.

When I started this Blog it was purely as an extension of my business; the home-ware range that I started about 10 months ago.  Everybody you speak to says “you must Blog!”   So I did.  But unlike my business I didn’t make a plan, I just started with a couple of Handmade Design posts featuring gorgeous pieces I had found over at Etsy and Made It and off I went!  Now don’t get me wrong – this will still happen, just not to the extent that it was. Along the way there was some random posts giving the readers a very brief glimpse of Justine but you really could only see her if you shone a very bright light in her direction.


by NH Woodchuck

Trees in the River Bottoms / NH Woodchuck

So I have ended up here.  Wondering what to do and what you would like to see.

You may know that for many years I have worked within the Home-ware, Furniture and Interior Design industries in some form or another – retail chick, GM, designer, everybody’s bitch!  And even though none of those where the right fit I still had an immense love for the industry; and still do.  Discovering new product, interacting with designers and buyers, finding out what you loved and what you didn’t; these things made me smile. But you see I am not the most “in your face” person.  I don’t shout how wonderful I am (even though sometimes I may think this)  It’s not easy for me to say “look at what I am doing” like some others are.  I sort of hope that what I do and what I am speaks for itself.  But alas thats not always the case.

People are time poor, distracted, tired, easily led, or just walking thru life with blinkers on.  So they don’t always see what you want them to see. Sometimes they will only like something or follow someone if somebody else does first. They only  buy or download music once a (paid) DJ tells them how great it is. They only “like”something on Facebook if 10 of their friends have first.  This is definitely a great way to discover new things and to test the waters but at some point we have to make our own decisions and form our own opinions.  No matter how left of centre they really are.

But I am going off on a tangent here – so I better get back on track! And quick.

Japanese Maple in the Fall / Gary Liddell

I have always prided myself on loving the things I love, for my reasons.  How it makes me feel and what it makes me think.  I don’t always do things like you would.  I have an analytical side and a creative side, and sometimes they like to fight with each other.  I am accepting, understanding, nice, full of ideas but sometimes at a loss as to how to make them real.  I have an extremely diverse range of interests and loves.

Some you will like, some you won’t. But thats OK.  Tell me what you like and what you don’t.  But also tell me why.

So from now on you will start learning about the things I love, what’s captured my attention and my heart.  Because this is about my journey and what comes along for the ride are the things I love.  Sometimes it might seem a bit random but it will always be me.

Just xx


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