Into the Ether!

Well there is 2  weeks left for 2010.  YES – 2 WEEKS, this year has gone by scarily fast hasn’t it.

The past 12 months have been a wonderful experience, starting my own business (finally), making plans; personally and professionally, trying to figure out exactly who I am and what I want. Some parts have been easy, some hard.  About finding some things and letting go of others.

Its also the the time that allot of people make these things called New Years Resolutions, those wonderful lofty aspirations that you start to get as the year comes to an end. You know the ones where you look at all of the things you did and possibly shouldn’t have done over those past months and decide to be a better person in the next 12.  Maybe start doing some things you have always wanted to do, or stop doing some things that you know you shouldn’t do but seem to have done quiet a bit (but wasn’t it fun!)

In the past I have made many and kept some, but my most successful year was when I made one and that was “To Party” and guess what I did!  What a fun year that was.


How the Fire Works/ Joao Ribeiro

So here are mine, not in any particular order of importance. I just wanted to send these things our into the ether, in black and white so that the universe will listen and bring these things back to me throughout 2011.

* Learn photography and take better photos – and more photos!  Try to have my DSLR close by most times to capture my days

* Spend more time letting people know about what I do and make – putting myself and my business out there for a change!

* Have more fun and smile


Balloons / Paul Davidson

* Meet new people and put myself in more situations where I can  (thats the trouble with working from home isn’t it)

* Design and release more products – putting those ideas I have into fruition.

* Make and create – as above but not limited to my business.  Hey you never know these things may even end up as part of my business!

* Do more Yoga – for mind, body and soul

Lotus Flower with Red Background / Bahman Farzad

My year ahead WILL bring me these things and many more.  I will share my progress here so I hope you will join me on my ride and let me know what you have in store for 2011.

Just xx

7 responses to “Into the Ether!

  1. I hope you get to do all the things you want to do above. I have similar goals too 🙂

    Have a great Christmas, Justine 🙂

    • Thanks Simone – Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too. I think 2011 with be great for both of us!

  2. As always, you inspire me Justine. Go for it you incredible, creative, strong woman!

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  4. Those are great resolutions! I’m sure you will have no problem doing all of those, especially no problem designing and selling more prodcuts – what you have in your etsy store is so cute! I decided to do 12 goals this year! 12!!! I know, scary! But, my whole purpose in making a blog was to have accountability and invite people to join me with their own goals or even some of mine if they like. I am focusing on one goal per month and will document my journey along the way. Instead of saying, “sometime in the year 2011 I will do volunteer work at the homeless shelter” I will say, “I will focus on doing volunteer work in the month of January”. I haven’t posted all the goals yet, because I still want to enjoy my last 5 days of unfocused, goal-less, guilt-free indulgences 🙂 But I wish you the best of luck in 2011 and merry christmas!!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! Wow 12 goals this coming year, a big undertaking but I love that you are breaking them down into monthly goals, such a great way to do it. And certainly makes it so much easier. Best of luck with these resolutions but I am sure you will have no problem achieving them and moving onto the next ones! Hope you have enjoyed your last 5 days of freedom. Enjoy!

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