What I’m grateful for!

Last week I posted about a few of the things on my Wish List / Resolution List for 2011.  So I thought it was only fitting to also put all of the things that I have been grateful for in 2010 out into the Ether as well.

It has been a wonderful year even it has been a little challenging at times, a big learning curve with starting my own business and trying to figure out how to do EVERYTHING associated with having your own business! (phew) Tough at times trying to juggle the financials (or lack off) but that is to be expected isn’t it.

So here is my list, it isn’t everything that I am grateful for (because there isn’t enough room) but I just had to say thank you to:

– My gorgeous husband – for his love, support, encouragement and most of all his faith in me.  I know I stress too much at times and loose faith but you are always there to set me straight xxoxx

– My beautiful fur baby Jaz who keeps me company – I think I would be insane without you.  But I just wish you would learn to open the door sitting at the sliding door and barking loudly until I come and open it is well annoying, especially when I am in the middle of something! But it does make me smile.


– Everyone that has purchased Kitchen Towels from my range, thank you for taking a chance on a new business and my designs.  Thank you for liking me on Facebook and following me on Twitter and hearting me on Etsy.  Clicking those “like” or “heart” buttons have made me smile and continue designing especially when the pace of a new business is SLOW at times.

– All of the other wonderful creative people out there in “Blogland” who have supported me and featured my Kitchen Towels on their Blogs – it is SO exciting to find out that somebody else likes you enough to take the time to write some lovely words about your products.  The ones that I know of are mentioned on my “Press” page so please take some time to support the people who have supported me becasue EVERY small creative business needs it. If you know of any Blogs or websites that I have missed please send me a message because I would love to mention them too.

– My lovely Retailers who have added my designs to their stores.  It has been very exciting to to get orders from such beautiful spaces.

– Websites and forums that have offered immense help, support and information on Creative Small Business’s.  There are so many wonderful people out there giving a hand up to people like me with crazy creative aspirations.  Especially thankful for Tara and Megan over at The Creative Empire (and all of the lovely members) for giving us the space to grow and for nurturing our Creative spirit.  Also Clare at Women In Business for such wonderful and helpful information and links (and she is a fellow Brisbanite as well) Make sure you print out Clares Manifesto!

– My friends that are always ready to shout out to the world about me (wonderful, amazing Sonya – I miss you!) and who inspire me immensely. I am a very lucky girl.

There are many more things and many more people that I am very grateful for, for their love and support and for their willingness to lend a hand and a ear to listen with.  But this could start ending up like one of the long awards acceptance speeches that the orchestra plays over, so I think it is time to wrap this up.

Big hugs and big thank you’s!

Just xx




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  2. Want to post something witty Just, but really all I can think to say is thanks for getting off your arse and making BTC a reality. My world is a brighter place because of you, and being able to have a little piece of your creativity in my living space makes me so happy. Too infinity and beyond! xxxx

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