Planning the Collective

I hope you enjoyed your festive break and the jolt back into normal everyday life hasn’t been too scary!  I must admit that it has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things and it was hard to ignore the soft callings of that comfy spot on the couch.  But it is exciting starting a new year especially with all of the possibilities it holds.

So I have started this year in planning mode, making that list and checking it twice (I did learn something from Santa!) Writing down all of the things that I want to achieve and how I am going to get myself and my business there without too much stress.  I am taking the time to refer back to the copious amounts of worksheets and documents that I downloaded from various business sites throughout 2010.  Clicking on all of those invaluable links that are shared over Twitter. Gathering precious information to lead my way.

But most of all just thinking about what I want to achieve over the coming months.  My goals and desires, all the stuff that is important to me; and how I am going to get there.

Of course there is a lot of administrative stuff in there too; spreadsheets, worksheets, questionnaires and those things open up even more possibilities for Brilliant Trees Collective.  But I thougth I would share my major goals for the coming year ahead:

  • Expand my range – new products and designs (already on my way with this one! Remember the Sneak Peek I gave you) and building a collection.
  • New Retailers – I already have a small list of lovely retailers who stock my kitchen towels in Queensland but I would love to introduce my range nationally and even internationally.  So if you know of a fabulous store that would be a perfect fit let me know.
  • Press Press Press – my dream is to get my designs into some of those gorgeous glossy pages that I love so much. To be able to open up a beautiful home-ware / interiors magazine and see one of my designs – I think my heart would explode!

Exciting and a tiny little bit scary all rolled into one.

Just xx


4 responses to “Planning the Collective

  1. Good luck! Love the start of a new year – I’ve just done two weeks of planning too. It feels so good to be organised. Now I’ve just got to stick to it!

    • Thanks Clare – just at the start of mine so a little way to go. But it does feel good to be working on my business not just in it! I sure we can stick to it – just need to revisit it during the year so we don’t forget what we planned!

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