Creative Interiors

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with the world of Interior Design.  How colour, texture, scale, function, comfort and desire work hand in hand to make or break a room.  A placement of a statement chair here, perfectly lit artwork there.  How these and a million other elements make you want to stay in a room forever or take the quickest path to the door without looking back.

Some people  have that ability to create such a space, most don’t.  And as with most artistic endeavors I may love something that makes you turn your head.

So today I thought I would show you some designers that have caught my eye with the breathtaking spaces they have created.

Kelly Wearstler

Interior designs “IT” girl of the moment and I can see why. Oversized elegance with a shot of the surreal.


Greg Natale

Sumptuous bursts of colours and pattern or sublime monochromatic settings.

Angie Hranowsky

Fresh, contemporary with pops of colour.  When can I move in?


Yes – the obvious and ongoing Regency theme hasn’t been lost on me.

Just xx



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