A little help from

Well I have been doing allot of planning lately. New year is always a great place to start with getting the rest of the year organised (or at least trying too)

It started with a new range in the planning with some lovely new designs on the cards (remember my sneak peek) which was going to be released by now. But alas I went and changed things up a bit didn’t I!  Made some bigger plans which require more planning and more money (so go and have a look at one of my stores and help me out 😉  But it will be worth the wait and it is something I am definitely really excited about.  Lots of potential and in the long run lots more designs, colours and products – woo hoo!)

But anyway, the whole point of this post is to give you an idea on some of the things that I use on a day to day basis that help me with my planning and designing.  Things I can’t live without.

Workflowy – a handy online app where you can organise your thoughts and your “To Do List” and see as much or as little as you want by expanding or collapsing each point as you need.  Now I am just waiting for the IPhone app!

Adobe Illustrator – How I love thee.   Putting all my designs in order – out of my head and into the computer.  Still learning how to operate as I go but sometimes thats half the fun (and sometimes NOT)  Now to save up for the lovely new Mac version when I need it!


Moleskine Notebook – Not used as much as it should be but always close by. Lined version for notes on ideas and sketches. And always accompanied by a black pen.

Iphone – Always within reaching distance.  Lots of lovely apps to keep me organised.  Love awesome Note, 2Do plus the usual social networking sites. Good to have around when your waiting, when you need to jot down an idea, when you can’t sleep and don’t want to get out of your comfy bed!) Now a Mac convert just waiting to upgrade everything else.

These are some of the things that keep me going – add to that the copious amount of English Breakfast tea that is always on hand, the occasional chocolate (a weakness for Lindt and Cherry Ripes) , great music and my fur baby that comes into my office when she wants a cuddle.

Ok – now back to work!

Just xx