Iconic: Florence Broadhurst

For many years I have had a deep love for the gorgeous designs of Florence Broadhurst.

The simplicity of the lines that weave gorgeous patterns on textiles and wallpaper. From  beautiful Japanese Florals, Stampeding Horses, Oriental Filigree to the wonderful Turnabouts; the Florence Broadhurst range captures you with a beauty and longevity rarely seen.

Florence was a very interesting women with a varied, winding life.  Born in Queensland, Australia in 1899, Florence set out for a full and intricate journey.\; from comedy to establishing a music academy, landscape painting and of course her wonderful printed creations leading up to her unsolved murder in 1977.

In early 2000’s Signature Prints started promoting their catalogue of Florence Broadhurst designs.  In total there is five hundred and thirty of her designs with only a small portion of designs in production.  Fabrics and wallpaper and now on beautiful rugs by Cadrys.

Here are some of my favourite designs.

And a bit of Florence travels with me wherever I go, a reminder of beautiful design and wonderful patterns.

Just xx