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I can remember way back in primary school that I wanted to be involved in Interiors.  I loved decorating, looking at the wonderful fabrics, their colours and textures and how you could arrange them to create different looks.

I ended up in the Retail arena, selling and managing Homewares.  I loved the excitement of attending the new season’s showings.  Looking at the wonderful colours and designs and knowing then and there what was going to sell and what was going to be on the Sale table at the end of the season.  Merchandising all of the beautiful pieces in store; creating little ever changing collections that enticed the customer.  I was hooked.

But I also love music and other creative endeavours; not that I can play an instrument but I have a deep respect for people who do and show their passion in their music.  Our music collection is an ever expanding assemblage of Rock, World, Funk, Pop, Metal, Prog; anything that has soul, conviction and a healthy dose of talent thrown in.  No Idol or “I am in it just for my 15 minutes” allowed please!  My husband is an artist and a tattooist and this has expanded my creative scope immensely.  Loving the use of different styles to create a certain look, whether greyscale or full blown colour.  How these marks show a glimpse of your personality, your lives, your loves, your dreams.

And I wanted these things to be seen in my home.  But every time I had a design or style in my head and went searching for it, I couldn’t find it in the right colour or the design wasn’t quite right. I’m not a floral girl but I love flowers and patterns.  I love colours but generally on their own (sometimes I make an exception!) Bold statements catch my eye but I also understand that subtlety has its place.

Most of my adult life I have dreamed of my “own” business.  Something that was mine; a place to inject all of the things I love; somewhere to create beautiful pieces for the home, small injections of personality; bold colour here, a quirky pattern there.  A surprise out of the corner of your eye that makes you smile.

So here I am today with the first range of Brilliant Trees Collective in store with a new one on its way.  A place to show you the things that I love in my home and my life.  Just like you I sometimes struggle getting the plan together; with things taking longer than they were supposed too.  Life is full of surprises and this is what makes it interesting isn’t it.   But this is all me, all of the time.  So don’t be afraid to drop by and say hello.

I promise that the new range is on its way; it has just taken a little longer than expected and of course I changed the plan half way through didn’t I!

Just xx

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  1. I can’t get enough of your incredible work! So looking forward to browsing through the new collection and the internal battle I’ll have over which is my favourite! I always want them all!

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