Book Review – Craft / Creative Inc

Whether you run your own business or you are thinking about realizing your dreams and starting one, you need to educate yourself on your industry, your craft and your customers.

You will have various Blogs that will be your business bible, offering great advice and answering your questions and lighting your way. Books and magazines will line your shelves offering much needed assistance with your journey. Most will offer a broad range of help but sometimes you will need industry specific information and this can be hard to find.

So if you are in a creative or craft based industry these 2 books are a great insight on the road ahead. Craft Inc and Creative Inc give detailed advice and are an essential resource if you have a vision for a life as a freelance creative or you want to take your craft endeavors to the next level.

While both books deal with the basics of a creative business each delves deeper into the more specific areas of either a crafter or freelancer. Interviews with industry success stories give real world guidance on the decisions you may have to make and the possibilities that are out there. Craft includes your idea process, packaging, marketing strategies, approaching stores and your online presence. While Creative includes step by step tips from helping to set up your portfolio, getting an agent, promotion, hiring staff, growing your business, to setting goals and dealing with your accounts.  This is just a small selection of topics included in both books.

Each is an enjoyable read, offering straight forward, easy to follow guidance when your head needs it the most.  Personally I found “Craft” the better fit for me but I also gained a lot from “Creative”.  There is a companion book to Craft Inc, The Craft Inc Business planner.  This book includes action orientated planners, goal setting, business planning and is a great tool for getting your business started.

If you would like to find out more about the author take a look at Meg Mateo Ilasco’s website and follow her on Twitter.

Happy reading – and crafting and creating!

Just xx