Iconic: Anton Corbijn

Moody, iconic black and white or monochromatic photographs mixed with amazing music is a wonderful combination.  Especially when the images come from world renowned photographer Anton Corbijn.  Some of you will recognise his work from the covers of some of your favourite U2 albums, some from sublime Depeche Mode music clips.  Other will recall Anton’s biographical film “Control” on the formation and rise of  seminal English band Joy Division and the turbulent life of  its gifted but troubled lead Ian Curtis.

Always focusing in on his subject Anton’s work delivers an intense, distinctive but gentle and vulnerable quality to each of his subjects.

Each image feels like it has been pulled from a larger reel of film; fleeting moments captured in a split second but conveying a more detailed story.

His work never ceases to grab my attention pulling me into his subjects stories and showing me a side of them not usually captured on film.  Whether in print or on film Anton Corbijn’s work is a sometimes dark and eccentric place but one that is always worth a visit.

Just xx