Lust Have / Must Have – Yoga

A little while ago I found a new love; one that grounds me, keeps me calm and helps keep both my mind and body moving how I want it too.  Yoga has become a wonderful part of my life, even though sometimes I don’t show up to my mat for a bit.  It is something I always come back to, the subtle stretches and flowing Asanas connecting both limbs and thoughts.  It has drawn me to other interests (which I will share at a later time) and taken me to the start of a journey that will last a lifetime.

So here are a few of my Yoga Must Haves that I am lusting after.  Click on the image to find your way. Enjoy

Manduka  {}  2010 Jade / Etsy   {}  Thai Tee / Etsy  {}  EcoChic / Etsy   {}  Spa Godess / Etsy  {}

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