Studio: New Beginnings

Its been a little bit quiet around here of late.  These past 18 months has been filled with lots of lessons, lots of dreams and plenty of reality!

Even though I have worked in retail home-wares and behind the scenes in that field before, it has always been for someone else; their time, their money and their dreams.  That scenario definitely has its limitations and frustrations but it is safe. And that what makes it so easy for many people to keep their dreams just dreams and nothing else.  You can walk away at the end of the day and breath easy.

I started this business with very little money but with big dreams.  A stupid combination looking at it now because  it made the start of this journey hard and slow. Very slow.  I wanted to do lots of things but the bank balance just didn’t allow it. But I persevered (because thats what I do!) and kept sight of what I wanted at the start of all this and did what I could.

Thankfully planning and designing has only required my time, computer skills and imagination and lots of inspiration and I have worked on both of these things as much as I can.  I have had lots of fun learning how to use Illustrator by trial and error and it has been so rewarding to see designs come to life on the screen. I have also had lots of time to think about where I wanted my business to go and how I wanted to achieve this.

I am a planner; I love making lists and being prepared.  This can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help because there are times you just have to go for it and not let a great opportunity pass you by.

So my two feet are finally in the water and I have started on the next step in the journey for me and Brilliant Trees Collective!  So here are my new beginnings:

  • Today I placed an order for new equipment for my very own studio where I can print whenever the spark hits me.  So excited.  Previously I was printing at another studio but with limited time and access it just didn’t allow for inspiration or for great business.
  • I will be ordering brand new base cloth in the next few days.  Gorgeous new colours, a different fabric and a wonderful new handle.  So many possibilities.
  • New designs – so far I have 20 new designs for the coming range – definitely something for every mood and every kitchen.  Plus there are plenty more floating around in my head and my notebook.
  • New products – along with my tea towels I will be releasing other home-ware products over the coming months.
  • Updated packaging – I will let you know more about this is an upcoming post once the details are finalised.
It’s been slow preparing for these new beginnings but worth it i’m sure.  Now I am looking forward to the fun, the hard work and the rewards.
Just xx