Super Colour Fragilistic!

A little play on the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious just because its fun.

I’m normally a huge fan of strong colours but I tend to stick to a very controlled colour palette.  Think Black, Grey, Red and Aubergine with a little bit of Silver thrown in for good measure.  I have been known to stray from these colour combinations at times and as a designer I truly do love colour in all forms (I promise!). Except yellow but that is a complete other story  and its something I have also inherited (if thats possible)  Thanks Mum.

But there are a couple of beautiful Blogs in my Reader that have caught my breath lately with their ability to use and capture colour at its stunning best.  Absolutely Beautiful Things by Brisbane based Interior Designer Anna Spiro is a visual delight with pattern and colour weaving their magic in many ways.   Plus Anna’s  retail haven Black and Spiro have just opened an online storePattern Observer is a feast for the eyes, featuring some of the best pattern from around the world.  I pretty sure both have been mentioned here before but who cares as both should be visited frequently!

The gorgeous colour combinations at the top of the post come via playing around at Kuler.