Long time between Posts!!

I can hear you going “who’s this?, haven’t heard from her in a long time!”. I must say its been going thru my head for quite some time too!

My only excuse is that life got in the way. I wont go into the boring details, just things that everyone goes thru but it still took a while to get my head around and change what needed to be changed. Things that I have needed to do since well…. well a very long time. Life is great, with lots of smiles and wonderful people around me and finally feeling that all those things are deserved. About time!!

Yes I have been selling the last pieces of my previous range still in my online stores. With some gorgeous people across the planet taking my Tea Towels into their homes. Something that always brings a smile to my face. I have continued to work on new designs for the new range that I talked about so very long ago. So yes it is definitely still on its way. Something I am very excited about.

My studio and office is nearly complete. With a big thank you to my hubby for helping me set this up. Something small but something just for me to dream big and play. I must say that it’s the first space that I have had that felt right, but that probably comes from me feeling right too.

So anyway I just wanted to say hi and that yes I am still here. Still trying to get my head back around this whole social media thing. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; so much to get my head around.

Stay tuned for some new designs coming up. I have been busy in that area and I will be posting details soon with some pics of some designs. Very excited about this new range, I feel I have really created something for everyone, even the man in your home. With some music orientated designs to go along with some Marrakech Florals and French Bistro creations.

So I promise I will be back soon with updates on “Brilliant Trees Collective” along with bits and pieces on lovely handmade and design finds that cross my path.

Hope you’re enjoying life as much as me!

Just xx