My name is Justine and I’m a Magazineaholic

Well there are probably quite a few people out there who could make the same confession – just change the name.  But I love magazines – there I have said it.  I love the excitement of a new issue, the enticing cover, the editorial, the seductive photographic spreads, the articles.

But my hubby would say – too much so!  The piles of magazines in the lounge room, in my office.  I have just put up some notices boards in my office and I plan on going thru the older editions and tearing out some images for my inspiration board.  Lovely new ideas for new designs and ranges.

Mostly they are Home and Living magazines along with a few select fashion mags.  Occasionally I throw in the odd music or food edition but it is my beloved Home and Interior magazines that are very close to my heart.

So today I thought I would share some of my favourite magazines and there blogs.

Click on the images to find your way – the cover is a link to the magazines website, the inside pages has a link to their blog!

I could add more – but I will save them for a later date.

Just xx